Monica S. Flores supports U.S.-based and international groups on their digital properties. Author of the A Successful Woman’s Handbook series, she writes about business, green living, technology, and entrepreneurship and speaks and presents on diversity, social justice, and leadership, with a particular focus on people who #makeapositivedifference. She advises emerging companies through her own consultancy 10K Group (founded in 2004). She received a B.S. from Cornell University.


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    Monica S. Flores (@monicasflores) has worked as a web developer, product manager, information architect, engineering manager, chief technology officer, and advisor. Clients include Ashoka Changemakers, Princeton University, the U.S. Department of State, and 240+ international and national clients in business, government, and education.


    Because of her interest in building communities online, she is frequently asked to advise emerging and startup groups on pilot projects. She consults with leadership teams on strategic planning, metrics management, and product lifecycle development. She trains organizations on how to write RFPs, identify functional specifications, plan complex database architecture, define content types, understand user permissions, determine reporting needs, and manage/maintain system-wide processes.


    Author of the A Successful Woman’s Handbook series, she is passionate about leadership, innovation, education, and technology, and she speaks and writes about social justice, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship.


    She co-founded 10K Group web consulting (2004-), founded and sold A Successful Woman (2006-2012), and co-founded Gramercy & Co. (2010-2017). She staffs Green America, and advises emerging projects that #makeapositivedifference by building community, fostering connectedness, and advancing technology to create a better world. She received her B.S. from Cornell University.


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    Photo credit: Alex Beyard
    Speaking credit: Gloria Bell

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    ~ Videos ~

    On Why Being a Role Model is So Important for Women in Tech

    What Career Opportunities Exist for Girls Interested in Tech?

    What’s Most Fulfilling About a Career in Tech?

    My Best Advice for Girls Considering a Career in Tech

    What Motivated me to Launch a Tech Career?

    How can a #WorkMom Thrive in a Tech Career?

    What Special Qualities do Working Mothers offer?


    ~ Sample Articles ~

    ~ Blogger ~

    ~ Judge/Mentor ~
    Princeton Social Impact '16, '17
    Startup Weekend DC '16 (Social Good)


    ~ Speaker ~
    STEEAMnista NYC '16

    Net2DC '16
    Working Mother '15 (#WorkMom Video series)
    Philly Women Tech Summit '15
    DrupalCamp Hawaii '11
    WordCamp Hawaii '08

    ~ Presenter/Panelist ~

    Hawaii Women's Business Center

    Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

    Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (San Francisco)

    Oakland City Council


    ~ Social Media ~
    Visited NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to share the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission via NASASocial, for social media.

  • Values

    ~ digital connections for the new millennium ~


    I believe that a diversity of opinion, freely expressed, and carefully considered, makes for a better end outcome for the project.


    Teams that truly value communication celebrate great news and cope with bad news - together. Brainstorm, share, and evaluate all options to find the best solution.


    There are no stupid questions.



    I've had enough challenges and obstacles to understand that life happens to everyone.


    Honesty means that we own up, accept where we are currently at, and carry forward.





    The truth always sets us free.



    When we are able to honestly evaluate our unique gift, and are able to align that with the world's pressing problems, we live in a wonderful nexus of possibility, promise, and prosperity.


    Transparency means being as clear as possible about what we are able to do, the skills we may offer, and where we best do our work.


    "Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got." - Janis Joplin


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  • Education

    Cornell University

    Environmental Systems Technology, Ag and Bio Engineering, BS

    Team win for contest in student engineering: "A Learning Car for Kids" - technology for children with developmental disabilities
    Semester at Sea

    Activities: Work Study
    (Entrepot Deli, Risley Dining, Blauvelt Lab, PEWS ILR)
    Pianist at Catholic Mass
    Praxis Literary Journal

    Institute for Shipboard Education

    Spring Semester at Sea, University of Pittsburgh

    Travelled to 10 port cities in 100 days on the SS Universe


    Nassau, Bahamas
    La Guaira, Venezuela
    Salvador, Brazil

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Mombasa, Kenya

    Madras, India

    Penang, Malaysia

    Hong Kong

    Keelung, Taiwan

    Kobe, Japan

    Seattle, Washington, USA 

    Activities: Yearbook, Shipboard Auction

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